Upon request we will do limited grooming which includes bath and nails (Dremel) for current boarders and show grooming for most sporting breeds.  We prefer to groom current customers, i.e., the pets we know and are familiar with.  If you are new to this area we can give you some recommendations for groomers.  We highly recommend shaving long haired dogs (and even some medium length coats) at the beginning of our long, hot, Texas summers.  

We are one of the few boarding kennels in the country who use Isle of Dog shampoos and conditioners which are pH balanced for dogs and  formulated for specific coats and colors.  Prices vary for dog size, coat length, mats, etc. but are generally as follows:

Toy/Miniature:  $15-$20
Small/Medium: $20-$25
Medium/Large: $30-$35 (includes Goldens, German Shepherds and some Labradors)
Large/Giant:  $35-$40 

Nails for all breeds:  $18
Burr & Mat removal:  $10 minimum but most mats usually need to be shaved out.