We encourage everyone to train their own family pet.  We have a list of local training centers (indoor/climate controlled) and trainers who can help you teach your dog the basics.  If you want to get involved with dog sports suitable to your dog/breed, we can help you with that too.  Every dog loves having a job and a working dog is a happy (and tired) dog.

Desperate or absolutely donít have time to train your dog?  We have partnered with Georgia Liszt.  She can come to your home and train your dog or do a board and train while your dog is with us.  Please contract with Georgia directly:  512-876-8950,

We can also teach your dog agility while your pet is here or even teach him/her a trick or two.

On rainy days or inclement weather, jog-a-dog sessions are also available.

      $15 for agility training (15 minute sessions)
      $25 for trick training (per trick)
      $5 for Jog-A-Dog (5 minute session)

And naturally we will do our best to reinforce your dogís training and good manners while your pet is with us.