We have two air conditioned/heated kennel buildings with indoor/outdoor access for each dog.  We also have seven 440 square foot play yards to accommodate play groups of dogs of similar sizes, ages and activity levels and even the occasional dog who wants to be alone.  We have 8 fenced wooded acres where supervised off-leash nature walks are taken every morning and evening.


To prevent digestive upsets, please bring your dog’s food.  You can bring the meals individually packaged in small zip lock bags or his/her food in gallon zip lock bags.  Each bag holds at least 16 cups of food which lasts at least 8 days for most dogs.


Boarding Rates are by the night and checkout time is 1:00 pm Sunday through Saturday:


Basic boarding

  • $30 per night for one dog
  • $55 per night for two dogs sharing a run
  • $20 per night for each additional dog in the same family
  • $5 extra per day for unneutered dogs


Boarding includes:

  • Two off-leash walks per day, weather permitting
  • Indoor/outdoor access with climate-controlled indoor lodging
  • Thick mats on the entire inside run
  • Two or more hours of daily play yard  time depending on weather
  • 10 pm bed check


Deluxe boarding

$10  additional daily charge per dog family

Deluxe Boarding includes basic boarding plus an extra nature walk, ball chasing, or additional play yard time.


Forgot your pet’s food?

In-house kennel food (Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach) is available for $3 per meal.


Additional Charges

$.50 per administration of pills/capsules/drops/ointments

$3 per administration of injections

$15 Bordetella Nasal

$15 Checkout after 1:00 pm fee

$20 early/late drop-off/pick-up fees



Add Ons

  • "Jog-a-Dog” Treadmill:  $5 per 5 min session—includes orientation
  • Agliity Training:  $15 per 15 min sessions
  • Pet Trick Training: $25 per trick
  • Bully Sticks:  $4 each
  • Retriever Rolls:  $2 each


Pick-up and delivery to and from Gold Ducat Kennels is available through MVP Pet Sitting.   

Please contract directly with  Megan Smith